Update on My Life/Take Your Kids to Museums

It’s been a while since my last post. Not that long, but long enough for WordPress to nudge me into writing something. What have I been up to you, you ask? Well, I’ve been living la vida parental. You all know, or you should if you’ve read my bio, that my kids and school are my life. Well, I’ve been busy with school, working out, and my kids so here is a brief update: snowstorm, snowstorm, and then weather that made me feel that spring is near. I went out to the club for the first time in over a year, and I had a blast with my friends, but then towards the end of the night, I felt empty and lonely so I cried and couldn’t wait until I got home to my kids.

I’m going to be extremely open and honest, something I only do with my diary, and admit it: I’m super lonely. I try to be this super strong woman with an I-don’t-need-anyone-I-can-do-it-all attitude, but it gets really lonely being me. I’m sure everyone feels this way at times, but it just hit me at 4:30am that day.


Any-who, besides the nightclub, there have been two snowstorms—see images below—and I got even more cabin fever locked up in my house. So, when the weather outside stopped being frightful, my kids and I set out to do something delightful: GO MUSEUM-HOPPING IN NYC!

My Car after the first of two snowstorms

I love museums and I love NYC. I think it’s very important to expose children to art and culture at a very early age while you can still make them do things against their will. My first visit to anywhere other than family’s house was during my second year of college. Mind you, NYC is a fifteen minute drive from where I’ve lived my whole life, so I was kind of angry that my mom never took us anywhere—anger that quickly subsided when I remembered she was busy working multiple jobs and raising three daughters.  Ironically, I’m going to be taking my mom to museums when she comes to visit from Dominican Republic next week.

Well, last Saturday, I parked in Union City, put on my LilleBaby carrier, took the bus into Port Authority, and set off on an adventure. My daughter, who is 4 months old, loved being on a bus and the subway trains for the first time. I loved explaining everything to her and watching her eyes flit excitedly from one new object to another.

On Saturdays, the Guggenheim is Pay as You Wish from 5:45pm -&:45pm. So I decided to go there, along with everyone in NYC, apparently. The line wrapped around Fifth Avenue to Madison Avenue. See the picture below.

My son inf front of The Guggenheim last Saturday

So, we went to The Met instead. I love The Met, and I want my kids to love it, too. My son, who objected the first time I ever took him to the museum, really enjoyed our visit. He expressed a lot of interest in the Egyptian Art, The American Wing, and Modern Art. He would read the descriptions and ask more questions about the pieces he really liked. “Ooh, Ma, take a picture of me here!” I loved hearing those words. One exhibit, one question, lead to so many more questions and he really learned a lot (thankfully, I know a thing or two about history). I showed him my favorite artist, Camille Pissarro, and explained why I liked him, and we had great casual conversations about works we liked and why.

That being written, I think it’s very important to expose children to art outside of the classroom. After all, life isn’t all about TV and games. I took my first art class in college, and, before that, I had no sense about what was considered good art. I’ve always just known what good literature was, but never good art.  When I did discover art, I really enjoyed it because it helped me explore myself and what I felt when I encountered piece. I found that I really responded to Greek and Roman art because I loved their history and philosophy. I loved French Impressionists because I’m fascinated by 19th Century French History and because they actually stir something inside of me when I see works that depict everyday life, especially during times of industrialization. Etc. Etc. My point is that I want my kids to relate to experience what I experienced but earlier in their lives. Who knows, maybe one of my kids will become an artist.


Us getting ready to hit NYC


Scarlett’s first time on a bus!


After The Met, we took the shuttle to 42nd Street and walked around Times Square and my son had his caricature drawn. I explained to him what a caricature was and we laughed at how the artist accentuated his big ol’ ears. Take a look, it’s uncanny. All in all, it was so much fun and my kids had great fun too.


This concludes my update on what’s been going on for the past few weeks. Stay tuned for your next slice of genius.


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